We invite you to take part in the international scientific and practical conference
"Plagiarism Detection -2023"
the VIII annual scientific and practical conference "Plagiarism Detection -2023" will be held on October 19–23!
The conference "Plagiarism Detection" is the only Russia's field-specific platform aimed at the creation of an expert environment for discussing the issues of plagiarism in the educational and scientific communities.

Conference Objectives: formation of an expert environment for discussing pressing issues, exchanging views and developing solutions for text reuse detection in the field of education, science and publishing.

Conference participants will have an opportunity to comprehensively consider the problem of plagiarism detection in scientific and educational papers, get acquainted with the strategy of perspective development in this area, discuss a wide range of ethical, regulatory, methodological, software, technological and educational issues, learn about the best practices in the implementation and use of electronic systems for text reuse detection in educational, scientific, and publishing processes, discuss the practical use and development of digital resources in the field of education, science and culture, as well as strengthen professional connections.

Conference participants: Representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and local education authorities, Supreme Certification Commission of Russia and the CIS countries, Russian Academy of Sciences, the national accreditation Agency, Council on the Ethics of Scientific Publications ASEP, representatives of major universities and libraries, research institutes, publishers, media, corporations, developers, information retrieval systems and services, leading e-libraries and aggregators that are interested in sharing experience in the field of text reuse detection and the development of solutions aimed at improving the quality of educational and scientific papers.

Main topics of the conference:

1. Legal basis for the use of plagiarism detection systems to verify the originality of texts of educational, qualification and scientific papers.

2. Methodology for the introduction and use of technical means for plagiarism detection in educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational training, research institutes, mass media, publishing sector, government agencies, and for-profit organisations.

3. Assessment of the legal character and correctness of text reuse, the procedure of making decisions on the compliance of submitted works with the established requirements.

4. Ethical and sociological problems of text reuse in the scientific research, in qualification and educational papers.

5. Algorithms and technologies of text reuse detection, processing and analysis.

6. Tools and systems of information support for the text reuse detection, electronic libraries, open access systems.

7. Integration of text reuse detection systems with internal data systems of organisations.

Terms of participation:
free of charge with mandatory pre-registration on the Registration page: https://ozconf.ru/reg

Dates of the conference:
October 19 - 20, 2023

Venue: the conference will be held online.