October 19th, the 1st day of the conference
9:30-10:00 Gathering of participants, connection to the broadcast
10:00-10:15 Conference opening and welcome speeches
      10:00 - 10:15 Yury V. Chekhovich, Antiplagiat company, executive director, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Russia, Moscow

      10:15-12:15 Section 1. Artificial Intelligence in Education and Science: Problems and Prospects
      10:15-10:20 Moderator: Elena N. Beylina Director General of "Universitetskaya Kniga" Publishing House, Editor-in-Chief of "Universitetskaya Kniga" periodical, Moscow

      10:20-10:45 Denis V. Kosyakov Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Science Metrics and Science Communication, Russian Research Institute
      Transformation of higher education and research in the age of artificial intelligence

      10:45-11:10 Konstantin P. Kokarev Head of the Laboratory of Academic Competences and Knowledge Management, Director of the Library of Tyumen State University
      Generative Artificial Intelligence: unjustified hopes, constraints and real opportunities for its use in higher education

      11:10-11:30 Konstantin N. Kostyuk Direct-Media" Publishing House, General Director, Candidate of Political Sciences, Russia, Moscow
      Large Learning Model: Why did GPT start talking?

      11:30-11:55 Yury V. Chekhovich Antiplagiat company, Executive Director, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Russia, Moscow
      The WizAIrd of OZ

      12:15-13:00 Сoffee break.
      13:00-15:30 Section 2. Retractions of scientific articles: experience and perspectives

      13:00-13:05 Moderator Elena F. Gladun Professor of the Department of State and Municipal Governance at Tyumen State University, PhD in Law, Editor-in-Chief of BRICS Law Journal
      13:05 - 14:00 Dr. Junpeng Yuan National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor
      A Scientometrics Analysis of Globally Retracted Papers Due to Plagiarism
      14:00-14:25 Michail V. Demyanets Director of the Centre for Dispute Resolution and Business Planning of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal "World Economy and International Relations", PhD in Law, Associate Professor
      Retraction of a scientific publication: the conflict between ethics and law
      14:25-14:45 Evgenya A. Balyakina Head of the Scientific and Publishing Department of the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Economy of the Region", Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Publication Ethics ofthe Association of Science Editors and Publishers
      Retractions in Russian journals: analysis of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers's database of retracted articles
      14:45-15:10 Olga V. Kirillova Association of Science Editors and Publishers, President, PhD in IT, Russia, Moscow
      Formalisation of retractions in a scientific journal: Russian and foreign experience
      15:10-15:30 Maria Y. Nadinskaya I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Head of the Publishing Center, Scientific Editor of "Sechenov Medical Journal", Associate Professor, Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Russia, Moscow; Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers, Member of the Council on Ethics of Scientific Publications, Russia, Moscow
      Text reuse detection in manuscripts submitted to a biomedical journal: problems and solutions
      15:30-16:00 Lunch.
      16:00-18:15 Section 3. Artificial Intelligence: pro et contra. Publisher's and reader's view

      16:00-16:05 Moderator Natela N. Kvelidze-Kuznetsova APOER, Executive Director, the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Director of the Fundamental Library. Honoured Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation. Russia, Moscow
      16:05-16:20 Kirill Y. Usenko Leading Data Scientist, Siberian Centre for Artificial Intelligence, founder of Tomsk Data Science Community, Tomsk State Polytechnic University
      Artificial intelligence in the real world. Successes, failures and fields where AI is not required
      16:20-16:35 Andrey E. Guskov Head of the Laboratory of Scientific Metrics, RIEPL
      On the impact of artificial intelligence on science communication
      16:35-16-50 Albina N. Nesterova Director General, INFRA-M Research and Publishing Centre
      Experiences of using AI in academic book publishing: limits of the use
      16:50-17:05 Svetlana A. Morozova Deputy Director of the Fundamental Library of the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
      Generative AI. Status: Accepted for work
      17:05-17:20 Arkady V. Khalyukov Director General, (Pulse of Science Ltd.)
      And again about "business dolphins": artificial intelligence in libraries and digital library systems
      17:20-17:35 Valeria A. Vasilieva Senior Lecturer, RANEPA, St. Petersburg, PhD student "Ethical, Not Ethical...". Using ChatGPT in academic papers through the eyes of students and teachers
      17:35-17:50 Sergey G. Dariy Director, Lan Publishing House
      Artificial intelligence in educational book publishing: practice, problems, perspectives
      17:50-18:15 DISCUSSION
      18:15-18:30 Conclusion of the first day of the conference
      October 20rd, the 2nd day of the conference
      9:00-9:30 Gathering of participants, connection to the broadcast
      9:30-11:30 Section 4. Theses and new realities

          9:30 - 9:35 Yury V. Chekhovich Antiplagiat company, Executive Director, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Russia, Moscow Moderator
          9:35 - 10:10 Bakyt K. Tynalieva Chairperson of the National Attestation Commission under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic
          Plagiarism detection in certification systems of CIS countries, comparative analysis
          10:10-10:30 Mehrdod R. Yorov Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Chief Specialist of the Organisational, Financial and Legal Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
          Experience of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan in checking the originality of the thesis and abstract text
          10:30-11:00 Elena N. Ivanova Russian State Library, Chief Specialist, Ph. D. in sociology, Russia, Moscow
          Plagiarism detection in scientific manuscripts: problems and solutions
          11:00-11:30 Victor A. Blaginin Ural State University of Economics, Head of the Department of Scientometrics, Research Work and Ratings, Head of the Research Laboratory of Scientometric Analysis and Bibliolandscape Studies, Russia, Ekaterinburg
          Antiplagiat for science: experience of implementation for checking and improving the quality of candidate and doctoral theses
          11:30-12:00 DISCUSSION
          12:00-12:30 Сoffee break.
          12:30-14:00 Section 5. Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Practices and Use
              12:00-12:05 Olga S. Belenkaya Antiplagiat company, Head of education and methodology center, Russia, Moscow Moderator
              12:05-12:25 Ruslan S. Suleymanov Moscow State Pedagogical University, Ag. Vice-Rector
              Prospects for the use of AI in Moscow State Pedagogical University
              12:25-12:45 Marina N. Makarova Doctor of Sociology, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Sociology, Specialist of the Department of Quality Management of Educational Activities, UdSU.
              The role of social factors in the plagiarism prevention system
              12:45-13:05 Valeria A. Vasilieva Head of the Department of Methodological Support of Scientific Work of the Department of Scientific Work at the North-West Institute of Management of RANEPA
              "You studied there - and I taught there". Plagiarism in academic papers of students of different generations
              13:05-13:25 Elena A. Kalinina MSU, Faculty of Economics, Head of the
              Information Integration Department
              Integration of the Antiplagiat system with Moodle: from the experience of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University
              13:25-13:35 Asel R. Auzhanova Astana IT University, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science, Kazakhstan, Astana
              On the use and perception of AI by students in the academic process (on the example of Astana IT University)
              13:30-14:00 Olga S. Belenkaya, Antiplagiat company, Head of education and methodology center, Russia, Moscow
              Oksana V. Molchanova, Antiplagiat company, leading specialist of the educational and methodological center
              Antiplagiat syctem in high school: simple recipes from the developer
              14:30-15:00 Lunch.
              15:00-18:00 Section 6. The problem of content quality in scientific information systems
                  15:00-15:05 Moderator Denis V. Kosyakov JSC "UNIsystems", Director of Technology
                  15:05-15:30 Gulandom K. Bakieva, Uzbek State University of World Languages, Vice-Rector, Doctor of Phil.sciences, Uzbekistan, Tashkent
                  Co-author: Iroda S. Kakharova, Uzbek State University of World Languages, Head of Editorial and Publishing Department, PhD in Philological Sciences, Uzbekistan, Tashkent
                  The effectiveness of the Antiplagiat system at universities: the path to academic integrity
                  15:30-16:00 Nikolay N.Gagiev Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in the Scientific and Technical Field (RIEPP)
                  Russian Scientific Journals Database as a Digital Tool for Evaluating Scientific Journals
                  16:00-16:30 Pavel G. Arefiev Scientific Electronic Library elibrary.ru, Head of the Analytical Department, Russia, Moscow
                  Open peer review: forms and challenges (from the quality of the material reviewed to the quality of the reviewer)
                  16:30-17:00 Denis V. Kosyakov JSC UNI Systems, Director for Technology, Russia, Moscow
                  Why and how to manage research information?
                  17:00 - 18:00 Ismaeil Fazel The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, The Centre for English Language Learning, Teaching, and Research (CELLTR), Faculty Member
                  "Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Academic Writing across the Disciplines: Potential Pitfalls and Promises
                  Conclusion of the second day of the conference and conclusion of the conference