International Scientific and Practical Conference
"Plagiarism Detection-2021"
The annual scientific and practical conference for specialists in the field of education, science and publishing. This is the major professional platform aimed at the creation of an expert environment for discussing the issues of plagiarism in the educational and scientific communities in Russia and the CIS countries.

The problem of plagiarism detection has been the focus of growing attention of professional community members. In 2021, we invite you and your colleagues to come and discuss the new challenges that organizations in the field of plagiarism detection are struggling with. We provide a platform for sharing your viewpoint on the most pressing issues and giving advice and recommendations to improve the current situation in science and education.

The conference program is available on the website
The time of the conference is Moscow time (GMT+3).

Conference schedule:
October 20, 2021 10:00 (MSK) – 18:00 (MSK), doors open at 9:30 (MSK)
on 21 Oct 2021 10:00 (MSK) – 18:00 (MSK), doors open at 9:30 (MSK)
on 22 Oct 2021 10:00 (MSK) – 18:30 (MSK), doors open at 9:30 (MSK)

    Plagiarism Detection - 2021

    What are the benefits for conference participants?

    • 1
      Conference Participant Certificate
    • 2
      The opportunity to meet the world's leading expert
    • 3
      Report presentations
    • 4
      Conference live streaming with the opportunity to ask questions online

    Conference Participant Opportunities

    • 1
      Useful experience and opinion exchange
      The conference provides a convenient platform for exchanging experience in the practical use of electronic resources in the educational, scientific and publishing processes. Round table discussions, meet-ups, PechaKuchas, master classes and much more – great opportunities for communication!
    • 2
      Introduction to new technologies
      Our speakers will tell you about the latest techniques of text processing, performing expert assessment and assessing the text originality. Be the first to learn about the latest developments from the leading experts!
    • 3
      Cross-service integration capabilities
      Keep up with the news about new opportunities for integrating plagiarism detection systems into the information and educational environment of organizations!
    • 4
      New connections
      In 2021, you will have a unique opportunity to meet and develop contacts with the world leading experts in the field of education, science and publishing.
    The "Plagiarism Detection" conference

    articipants are leading experts from Russia and the CIS countries that are interested in exchanging experience in the field of text reuse detection and developing solutions to improve the quality of educational and scientific papers
    The conference will be attended by:

    • Representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and local education authorities
    • Supreme Certification Commission of Russia and the CIS countries
    • Rosobrnadzor
    • Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
    • Council on the Ethics of Scientific Publications ASEP
    • NEIСON
    • representatives of major universities and libraries, research institutes, publishing houses, mass media, corporations
    • developers of information and search engines and services, leading e-libraries and aggregators
        Conference location:
        Moscow. Online