The conference program is being prepared and will be available on the conference website

The program and video recordings of last year's performances are available at

The time of the conference is Moscow time (GMT+3).
Conference schedule:
October 20, 2021 10:00 (MSK) – 18:00 (MSK), doors open at 9:30 (MSK) on
21 Oct 2021 10:00 (MSK) – 18:00 (MSK), doors open at 9:30 (MSK)on
22 Oct 2021 10:00 (MSK) – 18:30 (MSK), doors open at 9:30 (MSK)
Key speakers of the conference
"Plagiarism Detection - 2021"
  • Irene Glendinning
    Coventry University, UK,
    Dr. of Computer Science
  • Miguel Roig
    St. John's University, USA,
    Doctor of Philosophy
  • Cary Moskowitz
    Duke University, USA, Director of Writing in the Disciplines in the Thompson Writing Program

  • Tomáš Foltýnek
    Mendel University, Department of Informatics, Faculty of Business and Economics. Assistant professor, Ph. D
  • Sonja Bjelobaba
    Uppsala University, Department of Modern Languages, Senior Lecturer in Serbian, PhD in Slavonic languages
  • Mihail Grecea
    Elsevier, STM Journals, Expert in Publishing Ethics, PhD
  • Yuri V. Chekhovich
    Antiplagiat Company, Executive Director,
    Ph. D. in Mathematics
  • Andrey A. Ivakhnenko
    Antiplagiat Company, Head of the Implementation and Operation Department, Ph.D. (Mathematics)
  • Alexey L. Semenov
    Russian mathematician, Professor at Moscow State University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Artemy V. Nikitov
    Antiplagiat Company, Member of the Board of Directors, Candidate of Economics
  • Olga S. Belenkaya
    Antiplagiat company, Head of education and methodology center
  • Anna V. Kuleshova
    VTsIOM, Head of the Department of Publishing Programs, Russia, Moscow; Scientific Publication Ethics Council, Chairman
  • Konstantin N. Kostjuk
    ELS «University Library Online», CEO
  • Elena N. Ivanova
    Russian State Library, Chief Specialist, Ph. D. in sociology
  • Ruslan T. Saygitov
    Association of Pediatric Rheumatologist, Director of Scientific and Publishing Projects; «Paediatrician» Publishers LLC, Scientific Editor

  • Olga V. Kirillova
    Olga V. Kirillova, Association of Science Editors and Publishers, President, Cand. Sci. (Eng.)
  • Sergey V. Paramonov
    Sergey V. Paramonov, Wiley, Senior Regional Representative in Russia and CIS, PhD
  • Vadim V. Duda
    Vadim V. Duda, Russian State Library, General Director
  • Alexander V. Nikiforov
    ELS Lan, General Director
  • Vladimir M. Prudnikov
    INFRA-M group of companies, Chief Editor
  • Valentin G. Bogorov
    Clarivate company, Head of Educational Programs Department
  • Anton V. Molchanov
    Anton V.Molchanov, Student Consultant LLC
  • Natela N. Kvelidze-Kuznetsova
    Association of Creators and Users of Educational Electronic Resources (ACUEER), Executive Director
  • Pavel V. Saraev
    Lipetsk State Technical University,Principal, PhD in Engineering Sciences
  • Natalia N. Pachina
    Lipetsk State Technical University, Professor of the Department of Sociology, Professor, Doctor of Psychology
  • Anton E. Degtev
    Anton E. Degtev, Elsevier, Research Intelligence Solutions Manager
  • Pavel G. Arefiev
    Scientific Electronic Library, Head of the Analytical Department
  • Georgy F. Kurakin
    Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Teaching Assistant at the Department of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Biomedicine
  • Victor A.Vasiliev
    Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician; Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Commission on Combating Falsification of Scientific Research
  • Beaneta Vasileva
    Technical University of Varna, Associate Professor, PhD in Law
  • Anna Аbalkina
    Free University of Berlin, research fellow
  • Irina I. Bode
    St. Petersburg State University, Postgraduate Student. Telegram channel about biology and medicine Darth Biology, Creator
  • Andrey A. Rostovtsev
    Free network community Dissernet, Founder, Ph.D., Professor